Airport Book Swap is Open!

Thank you, Quality Hunters community!

We have now officially opened the doors. It’s there, terminal 2, second floor, next to gate 27, the restaurant Fly Inn and the new Aspire lounge.

The kick-off today included a book reading by Finlandia-prized*) author Rosa Liksom, who read a chapter of her novel Compartment number 6.

She also signed and donated the novel to the book swap.

As a side note: we are very keen to know where the book is travelling, so if you get this book and see this, you might want to register it at and get an ID so that we can see where in the world it is travelling. We also have stickers that you can place to the books you bring to the book swap – just mark with whom and where the book has been, it will be fun to see where!

To all of you who helped making the Helsinki Airport Book Swap happen and took part on the planning process on Twitter, Pinterest and here at thank you. Kiitos.

A great example of making great things happen together.

Anna from Helsinki Airport

*) The Finlandia Prize is an award presented by the Finnish Book Foundation in recognition of the most deserving Finnish novel. Last year, the winner of the Finlandia Prize for Fiction was Rosa Liksom for her novel Hytti no 6 (‘Compartment number 6’).